If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.
— Abraham Maslow

EduCred Services mentors clients to adapt their unique strengths, programs, and organizational structures in support of educational options that are recognized for their value by meeting the needs of the 21st century student. 

Beyond Regulation, Compliance, and Accreditation...

EduCred Services is invested in the individual success of our clients. We want our clients to thrive in the industry and experience the full potential of their institution. EduCred Services also values the distinguishing attributes of each client and develops individualized processes and procedures designed to sustain continued growth. 


EduCred Services uses a mentorship approach to develop lasting relationships and provide clients with valuable external perspective. Oftentimes, clients are involved in day-to-day operations preventing the ability to step back and re-evaluate internal processes and procedures. Mentors at EduCred Services help overcome this by contributing a diverse and broad higher education experience in institutional operations and in leading onsite evaluations. These experiences are translated for the client's benefit to provide a depth of perspective and a wealth of tools for ongoing assessment and improvement.

Continued Growth, Efficiency, and Sustainability...

EduCred Services focuses on the long-term needs of our clients even when engaging on a short-term project. EduCred Services provides clients with tools they can use even after the project engagement has ended. We want our clients to be self-sufficient when moving forward and continue to maintain ongoing compliant operations as a result of the strategies and mentoring provided by EduCred Services.

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