EduCred Services provides higher education institutions with the tools to be successful. We know each client is unique and requires individualized solutions to meet their accreditation and operational needs. 

Below are some of the accreditation and operational solutions offered and customized to highlight our clients' desire to meet the needs of the 21st century learner. Each project begins with an understanding of the client's concerns and results in a detailed engagement outlining the project, solutions, and timeframe for achieving project goals. 

EduCred Services has demonstrated expertise in maximizing results that save clients valuable time and resources. EduCred Services provides the external perspective and overview needed to assure clients meet their institutional goals. 


EduCred Services encourages all new clients to schedule a culture site visit. A culture site visit provides clients with a comprehensive overview or "health check" to assess current processes in relation to higher education best practices and accreditors' expectations. The culture site visit also allows mentors to review current procedures and provide clients with an overall assessment report as they seek accreditation or operational solutions.


EduCred Services understands that many institutions beginning or undergoing accreditation feel they have the knowledge and resources to navigate the process successfully; however, we believe that external perspectives prove to be a valuable tool in overcoming the challenges a readiness assessment or onsite accreditation visit presents and makes the difference in our clients' success. 

This external perspective assures that all aspects of the process are reviewed and aligned with higher education best practices and accreditors' expectations. The mentors rely on past experience and industry knowledge to provide clients with a big picture view of what to expect through the accreditation process and are able to highlight common mistakes institutions make, in order to avoid unnecessary setbacks during the accreditation process. 

All accreditation solutions are customized based on the individual needs of each client. EduCred Services develops detailed engagements and timelines for the following: 

  • Initial Accreditation
    During this engagement, mentors provide review, detailed feedback, and recommendations to assure the best possible opportunity for success. Mentors work with clients to provide insight into the accreditation process, terminology, and realistic expectations.
  • Renewal/Reaffirmation of Accreditation
    EduCred Services works with clients who are undergoing renewal or reaffirmation of accreditation. Mentors review clients' Self-Evaluation Report or Self-Study from the perspective of the onsite evaluators and assure institutional policies and processes are aligned with higher education best practices. 
  • Mock Site Visits
    EduCred Services conducts mock site visits for institutions undergoing initial or renewal of accreditation. This allows clients and their teams to become familiar with the process and the questions that will be asked. It helps to relieve the anxiety and provides clients with areas they can focus on to assure a successful onsite visit. 
  • Annual Reports
    EduCred Services assists clients in completing and reviewing Annual Reports and supporting documentation. 
  • Substantive Changes
    EduCred Services assists clients in developing and completing substantive change applications, reports, and exhibits to assure a complete submission of required materials in an efficient and effective manner, minimizing additional costs or allocation of resources.


EduCred Services believes that external review is vital for institutional effectiveness. Mentors work with clients to develop processes and procedures that support the institution's vision and goals. To continue meeting the needs of 21st century learners, institutions need to build brand loyalty, pursue innovation, and take calculated risks. Mentors collaborate with clients to understand current challenges and provide practical solutions for thoughtful implementation. 

  • Training and Process Reviews
    EduCred Services provides clients with individually-focused training, departmental process review, and comprehensive training programs for cross-functional teams through the institution. Mentors are familiar with and regularly analyze and interpret developing trends and changing regulations to assure clients' alignment with their unique institutional characteristics. 
  • Guided Review of Institutional Practices
    EduCred Services offers a guided review of institutional practices to assure clients are in compliance with higher education best practices and accreditors' expectations. This includes a review of internal changes made since the last Annual Report was submitted and an evaluation of policies and procedures. While the guided review offers a general overview of current procedures, clients can also request a focused review in specific areas such as outcomes assessment, curriculum development, or professional learning plans. 
  • Strategic Planning
    EduCred Services believes that a well-developed strategic plan provides the foundation needed for institutional effectiveness and success. Mentors work with clients to lead and develop comprehensive strategic and institutional effectiveness plans that are individualized based on the institution vision and goals. Clients receive a strategic and institutional effectiveness plan template that can be adapted each planning cycle to meet ongoing institutional needs. Mentors provide guided strategic planning sessions along with external perspective as clients forecast how best to position their institution to meet the changing needs of the 21st century learner. 
  • Professional Learning
    EduCred Services believes that when institutions establish a professional learning culture, they demonstrate the ability to engage in strategies directed toward making ongoing, smart incremental improvements that use shared resources. Institutions benefit from investing in their employees by engaging them in an active learning environment that provides a positive impact for students and institutions. Professional learning engages employees in a collaborative search for solutions to institutional challenges with the purpose of of changing professional practice in support of identified student and institutional needs.
  • Civil Investigative Demands (CIDs) and Federal Program Reviews
    It is EduCred Services' wish that an institution never has to provide a response to a Civil Investigative Demand (CID) or federal program review, but should this occur, our mentors can help. EduCred Services has experience gathering the necessary documentation and responding to Civil Investigative Demands (CIDs) and federal program reviews. Mentors help clients navigate through the process and provide comprehensive response in a timely manner. 

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