Accreditation and compliance requirements have drastically evolved at a rapid pace in recent years. After working in a variety of educational institutions, participating in institutional site visits, and seeing the struggles schools experience in meeting and maintaining accreditation and compliance requirements; a thought occurred, there must be an easier way. There must be a more manageable way for educational organizations with scarce resources to navigate through the unsteady waters of marketplace changes and continue treading those waters for years to come. It is important for every educational organization to implement individualized processes which support their unique mission and document continuous improvement efforts. Our experience has shown that educational organizations fare much better in maintaining marketplace sustainability when they maintain a student-focused culture and integrate higher education best practices into the normal course of business operations. 

From this passion and perspective, EduCred Services was born.


~Susan Chiaramonte~

In 2001, after unintentionally entering the field, Susan developed a passion for education. Not in teaching, but behind the scenes in the over-regulated, often misinterpreted, necessary part of education. In following a non-traditional route both personally and professionally, Susan experienced the importance of educational options for students of all ages and in all phases of life. It is with passion and desire to see quality institutions succeed and provide ongoing educational options that Susan approaches the unique services EduCred offers. Susan brings fifteen years of secondary and higher education experience, accreditation, and compliance knowledge. After earning her law degree, overseeing institutional operations as Vice President of Academic Affairs, and serving as an accreditation evaluator for several colleges, universities, and training organizations, Susan observed the struggles institutions face on a daily basis as a result of constant changes in regulation. She founded EduCred Services to focus these insights by engaging with and mentoring both institutions and accrediting organizations to strengthen processes and continue to assure quality educational options are able to thrive. Although regulatory requirements within education will never go away, through carefully implemented student-focused strategies the national conversation can become one centered on eliminating barriers and supporting students' dreams. Susan Chiaramonte earned an Executive Juris Doctor from Concord Law School, Master of Jurisprudence from Harrison Middleton University, Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from the College of Humanities and Sciences, and an Associate of Arts in General Studies from Mesa Community College.

~Myk Garn~

Myk Garn Pic.jpg

Myk fashioned his career by building an understanding of, criteria for and assuring quality in, new learning models. As an advocate for distance, online, and most recently competency-based education (CBE) models, Myk embraces innovative approaches that can answer enduring challenges in novel ways including how the protocols and evidence of the past may not truly explain the outcomes of new models. His career began as a photography that led to being a photography instructor at Lansing Community College, and then as producer of the "Techniques of the Masters" photography series on cable and satellite for Eastman Kodak. It was through this work in broadcast and then Internet-based instruction that his passion for new ways of engaging and teaching students in exciting new modes began. Over the course of his thirty-plus years in education, he has become a recognized expert and leader in the design, development, deployment, and assessment of traditional, technology-based and online educational delivery and administrative models. Myk has worked with accrediting organizations, educators, administrators, and policymakers to craft and apply principles of quality as founding Chief Academic Officer and then Executive Director of the Kentucky Virtual University (KYVU), founding research partner of Quality Matters, Standards for Online Courses at the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB), the iNACOL revised quality standards for online courses, and Principles for High-Quality CBE Programs for the Competency-Based Education Network (CBEN). Myk's expertise has qualified him to serve on substantive change and accreditation reaffirmation teams for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC) and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). Myk earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Policy and Evaluation from the University of Kentucky, a Master of Arts in Educational Systems Design from Michigan State University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Photography from Brooks Institute. 

~Rhonda James~

In 1991, Rhonda entered the higher education industry and explored career options as she held various roles in the areas of compliance, student services, regulation, accreditation, Title IV regulations, and financial aid services. These experiences fostered her passion and expanded her unique portfolio for sharing knowledge of financial best practices designed to support student success. Rhonda appreciates the importance of the student life cycle and this drives her desire to provide excellent student service with a 360-degree best practices approach. Her efforts emphasize assuring students access to quality education and enhancing the student experience. She recognizes the necessity for benchmarking institutional effectiveness to make positive and continual improvements affecting operating procedures and financial acumen that results in meeting regulatory and accreditation standards. Her approach includes a comprehensive self-study of unique institutional processes highlighting areas for improvement and implementing successful strategies to achieve the educational organization's desired outcomes. Rhonda uses her extensive skill set to enable her to compile detailed data and relevant information into reports yielding strategic recommendations for improvement that incorporate full institutional collaboration. This approach results in institutional advancement and growth. Rhonda James earned a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Webster University, and an Associate of Science in Architectural Engineering from Florida Junior College. 

~Tim Mott~

Throughout Tim's higher education experience a common theme emerged that innovation in higher education presents unique challenges regardless of institution type. Small and mid-sized organizations, particularly those with out-of-the-box programs designed for specialized niche populations, are often challenged with the expectations associated with the accreditation process. It is Tim's passion to serve as a resource to these educational organizations and assist with accreditation responsibilities in a way that streamlines compliance requirements in the future. The result to educational organizations is measured in terms of improved student satisfaction by engaging in high quality programs, improved efficiencies to business operations, and overall performance improvements. The educational organizations that integrate accreditation and compliance systems into the normal course of business operations fare well during initial and ongoing renewal of accreditation and compliance reviews. Tim's experience includes leadership positions at public, private, adult-focused, online, undergraduate, and graduate level programs through the Doctor of Philosophy degree, each representing unique accreditation and compliance challenges. Tim Mott earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum and Supervision from the University of Pittsburgh, a Master of Education and Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.