Question: Is accreditation and ongoing compliance necessary?

Answer: Your schools, programs, and services were all initially designed to respond to the unique needs of your targeted student population. Accreditation, and other external compliance responsibilities are inherent in any organization designed to deliver educational services for the public good. While some view these obligations as an imposition from the outside, EduCred Services' mentors view accreditation as a framework from which each school can design educational systems and services that are recognized for achieving positive, desired results for continued sustainability.

Question: Accreditation and compliance requirements consume a lot of resources and limit our ability to take risks and become innovative in our work with students. How can I focus on my unique mission, find creative solutions for working effectively with students, and remain in compliance?

Answer: EduCred Services' mentors have direct successful experiences with some of the most creative and innovative educational organizations. Your EduCred mentor's initial focus will be to learn about what makes your school unique and help to translate that uniqueness into strengths which are featured throughout your accreditation and compliance program and culture. EduCred Services believes that maintaining compliance and offering innovative educational experiences are not mutually exclusive.

Question: How is EduCred Services different from other consulting services?

Answer: EduCred Services' mentors take a holistic view in our work with client institutions. Whether the relationship is short-term or long-term, our mentors value those characteristics and help to feature those individual strengths in the institution's accreditation and compliance efforts.

We seek to develop long-term relationships with client institutions to provide ongoing guidance in a changing compliance environment, instead of focusing on a single product response. In taking this approach, EduCred mentors can focus on various aspects of client institutions' needs.

Our approach is designed to enhance the resources which client institutions already have at their disposal.

Question: What is the benefit of a student-focused approach to education?

Answer: EduCred Services' mentors strongly believe that a student-focused educational institution provides the best opportunity for a positive, ongoing accreditation and compliance culture. In a student-focused environment all processes and improvements are developed for the continued benefit of each student to ensure their continued success even after graduation. Ultimately, the success of each educational institution is dependent on serving students well and providing them with the tools to give back to the global community.

Question: Can EduCred Services assist a school that is already accredited?

Answer: Yes, initial accreditation is an achievement worth celebrating; however, continued accreditation and compliance requirements do not end with initial accreditation. EduCred Services' mentors aspire to guide and assist you to design ongoing systems and processes which further support your compliance obligations for a long-term and sustainable future.

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