Accreditation's role in higher education is vital to the oversight of quality educational offerings. EduCred Services partners with accrediting organizations to offer short-term support and resources to accomplish strategic initiatives.  

EduCred Services has demonstrated expertise in maximizing results that save clients valuable time and resources while enabling accrediting organizations to stay focused on its core operations. EduCred Services provides the external perspective and project facilitation necessary to assure accrediting organizations have the structure to continue serving their member institutions. 

Solutions are customized to meet the needs of national, regional, and programmatic accrediting organizations. Each project begins with an understanding of the client's concerns and results in a detailed engagement outlining the project, solutions, and time frames for achieving project goals. 

Below are some of the solutions EduCred Services offers for accrediting organizations. Each accrediting organization serves a unique population of member institutions based on geographic location, target student population, discipline, or delivery method. EduCred Services develops detailed engagements and timelines for the following: 

  • Standards and Policy Review
    EduCred Services facilitates discussion with accrediting organizations on current standards and policy language to assure expectations are up-to-date and focused on the needs of member institutions. EduCred Services collaborates with leadership and initiates revisions based on strategic objectives. 
  • Document Development
    EduCred Services assists accrediting organization in updating and streamlining supporting documentation to better serve the organization and member institutions. EduCred Services also works with accrediting organizations to develop guidance documents that aid member institutions in interpreting accreditation expectations. 
  • Assistance with Renewal of Recognition
    EduCred Services provides an extra set of helping hands and resources to assist accrediting organizations in the development of a renewal of recognition full petition for the next review cycle. This external review of an accrediting organization's standards and policies focuses on alignment with the federal recognition criteria while assuring that the needs of the accrediting organization and member institutions are met. 
  • Civil Investigative Demands (CIDs)
    It is EduCred Services' wish that an accrediting organization never has to provide a response to a Civil Investigative Demand (CID), but should this occur, our mentors can help. EduCred Services is experienced in gather the necessary documentation and responding to Civil Investigative Demands (CIDs). Mentors help accrediting organizations navigate through the process and provide a comprehensive response in a timely manner. 

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