We understand, today more than ever before, educational organizations need to do more with less resources while still continuing to meet and exceed students' expectations. 

EduCred Services exceeds clients' expectations by:

  • Consistently providing clear and regular communication

  • Customizing solutions to meet our clients' needs by designing detailed project plans. 

  • Establishing comprehensive project timelines to drive successful outcomes. 


EduCred Services contributes to the reinvention of higher education by mentoring clients; fostering leadership; enhancing programs, policies, and practices; and organizational structures to meet the needs of the 21st century learner. 


We use a student-focused approach to meeting clients' operational and regulatory needs. It is easy for administrative focus to stray from what students need to be successful to what educational organizations need to stay in business. We believe a student-focused approach accomplishes both student and organizational success. In an increasing for-profit, non-profit, MOOC, Title IV world, student success and quality education need to remain the primary goals. 

EduCred Services provides efficient and effective support to clients throughout the project engagement in a proactive and organized manner. We offer the best possible opportunity of success for educational organizations to realize their goals and objectives. 

Our approach is designed to provide individualized mentoring and guidance to connect current client procedures and culture in continually meeting operational objectives and strategic initiatives. Ultimately, we want to see students, from all walks of life, achieve their educational goals through the opportunities provided by our clients. 


We believe students should receive the best quality education available through the adoption and implementation of positive, student-focused solutions. ranging from accreditation to strategic planning.  

We recognize the unique characteristics of our clients and value them as individual strengths which should be highlighted throughout the accreditation and compliance process. 

We understand the importance of the relationships built with each client and provide a trusting, communicative, and supportive environment. 

We provide responsive and proactive solutions to meet individual accreditation and compliance requirements in order to anticipate our clients' current and future needs.